Price alert

Price alert allows you to get notifications when specific assets's price becomes bigger/lesser than any specific value

Price alert examples

Create price alert

  1. To start creation sequence you should click on 🎯Price alert in 👽Actions menu

  2. Enter a necessary asset

    • To see all available assets enter all

  3. Select a necessary condition

    • Selection menu

  4. Enter a necessary value

Delete price alert

You can delete price alert from most of the Bot’s menus by entering /remove_pa_<id>

List of created price alerts

You can see all created price alerts in the first message of price alert's creation sequence (👽Actions - 🎯Price alert)

How to receive only price alert notifications?

You can do this in 🎛Additional settings menu of 🤖Settings menu. Simply remove all coins (or exchanges) from Standard notifications.

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